We are close to releasing a solution which makes managing a website or the content of that website as easy as possible. No more need to hire a developer to build and maintain the backend, just build and edit your website independently.


Best performance and guaranteed uptime

We make sure your website loads blazing fast by constantly optimizing and scaling our technical foundation.

Test before going live

A test environment is included in every plan. You can thourroughly test your website before you go live.

Go live in a single click

When you’re ready with developing your website or editing your content you can publish it in a single click.

Roll-back whenever you want

If you have made an error when going live or editing your test environment, select a backup and roll-back in a click.

Beautiful and unique templates

Kickstart your website by choosing one of our beautiful and unique templates which becomes unavailable to others when you selected it, or use your own.

Add features easily

If you need to implement a specific feature to your website you can expand it with thousants of modules.

Intuitive administration

When managing your websites core features like backups, we make sure you can intuitively pull all strings.

Security taken care of

We make sure all available updates and security patches are installed. You only need to concentrate on your website content.

No vendor lock-in

Because we use the worlds advanced open-source website framework you can export your website whenever you want.

Technical Details

Proven Framework

Using a proven CMS framework we are able to get the most out of websites.

Tailored Cloud Platform

We have designed and manage our own server cluster from the ground up. Everything is specifically optimized and we have total control of everything.

Proven Technology

All technology used for this solution has proven itself to be reliable and stable in difficult circumstances.

Types of websites


Create the best informative website for your company on our framework.


Start a webshop with unlimited features and the most intuitive back-end.


Design all sorts of webapplications on our framework.

Made for


You can build and maintain websites without the need for technical knowledge.


When you are specialised in developing websites you do not want to worry about the technical foundation.


No need to hire system engineers and back-end developers. Just focus on the content of websites.

Want to be the first to know when we release?

* We will only use your e-mail address to notify you when we release the solution. We might send you a newsletter with relevant information but no more then once every three months.